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FIBCS bulk bags are mainly used in the agriculture, building products, chemical, food, fertilizer, minerals, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals industries.

GelPack works with every customer to fit their specific need and develop an innovative solution while delivering a dynamic result.

GelPack provides our customers high quality bulk bags at volume import pricing, offering an exceptional value. In partnership with the most modern manufactures, we manufacture all our bags at or above all standards and certifications.

At GelPack we carry, manage, and track our customer's inventory so we can offer same day shipping on your custom designed bag.

Bulk Bag Products & Services

Type A, B, C and D
PE Liners
Custom Printing & Fabric Colors
Custom Bulk Bags
Inventory Tracking

Customer Warehousing

Same Day Delivery

Competitive Pricing



FIBC Bag Types

  • UTZ Bags

  • 4 Panel Bags

  • Circular Cross Bags

  • Coated Bags

  • Baffle Bags

  • Dust Proof Bags

  • Double Layer Bags

  • Double Loop Bags

  • Drum Bags

  • Full Loop Bags

  • Panel Cross Bags

  • Single Loop Bags

  • U Panel Bags

  • Q Bags

  • Sling Bags

Filling Systems

  • Open Top with Hem

  • Duffel Top Skirt

  • Filling Spout with Flap

  • Tie - Down Flap

  • Open Top with Drawn Cord

Filling Spout

  • Discharge Systems

  • Discharge Spout

  • Discharge Spout with Iris Protection

  • Discharge Spout with Protection Flap

  • Discharge Spout with Petal Closure

  • Full Drop Bottom

  • Conical Bottom

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Different Types of FIBC bulk bags and Jumbo Bags

Printing: Up to 4 colors on one side. All colors possible, customized as per requirements


COATING: Outside, Inside


SWL: Up to 3,000 kgs


Safety: 5:1 or 6:1

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